EquiBreeze "OpenAir"
SafeRide 3 Horse Gooseneck Trailer


Design Features

A lot of stock trailers are trying, and failing, to pass for horse trailers. From concept to finished product, the "OpenAir" EquiBreeze was designed to be an affordable, comfortable, safe, easy to use horse trailer made with the same dedication to safety that is found in an EquiSpirit trailer.

The Safe Alternative

The SafeRide three horse trailer is the only way to haul 3 horses safely. Unlike slant load horse trailers, the EquiBreeze SafeRide 3 horse trailer allows each individual horse to exit the trailer without removing the others.

The standard model is a perfect length for horses from 14 to 16.3 hands in the two rear stalls, and a front box stall length for horses 14 to15.3 hands. The front horse is easily loaded from a rear stall by swinging the box stall door back and locking it in place by a rubber plunger tie back for easy release for loading. All dividers, bars, posts, and box stall doors are removable to give you open space for more horses in case of an emergency evacuation. All of these features in only a 26 ½' trailer! For two horses, the box stall doors provide a barrier, converting the front horse area into a large tack area for hay, grain, extra tack, bikes, camping gear and more.

Right from conception, the EquiBreeze SafeRide 3 horse trailer was designed to be the safe alternative to the safety flawed slant load style trailer, and to also be the safety enhanced alternative to what many now call the " two plus one-" The so called 2 + 1 horse trailer is just the addition of footage to a two horse trailer, added on by the manufacturers at the request of their dealers., This style trailer has gained popularity after the introduction of the EquiSpirit SafeLoad 3 horse trailer but does not have the important safety features of the EquiSpirit - and now the EquiBreeze. The EquiBreeze SafeRide might be called a 2 plus 1 horse trailer by some, but we see it as a 3 to 2 since it effortlessly converts to an easily manageable two horse with lots of extra space for all that you need to carry. It is truly the safest, most versatile "OpenAir" 3horse trailer on the road today.

Side Walls:  5’ Tall sides (two slats up high) so your horse can’t get a leg out the slat.  


Ramp:  54” tall so your horse can’t get a leg over the top. Low angle (not steep) so horses can easily step into the trailer. Spring loaded, easy to lift, so it’s easy on your back. Durable, with no plywood to rot over the years.

Butt/Breast Bars:  Padded  to protect chest and butt so that the horses can use to help keep their balance. Designed to easily release if a horse gets over it and is straddled.

Padding:  SafeKick side wall padding, center divider padding, butt/breast bars padding, upper side walls padding to protect horses from lacerations and rubbing.

Feed bags:  Large square feed bags so your horses can eat naturally as they do in the field. They  can also stretch their necks over the top of them and cough out hay or dust if needed.

Interior Tie Rings:  Lay flat when not in use – can’t stick a horse in the eye or head.

Dividers/Posts:  Center divider with shoulder divider keeps horses from trying to turn their necks and heads to look back and bet stuck on the center post.  Solid head divider keeps horses from seeing each other’s hay.  Easy to remove front post so that you can remove all dividers and bars in a hurry. This also allows you to use the trailer for towing tractors, hay, furniture, etc.

Floor: Pressure treated pine supported by galvanized steel cross members (Gator Shield) every 16 inches  to give floor maximum strength and support. You don’t need to be worrying about your horses falling through it.

Door Latches:  Large outside safety  horse door latches on all horse doors to insure horses can’t kick them open nor can they pop open.

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