The 3 Horse Trailer - The Perfect Solution!
By Tom Scheve

3 horse trailer

When a horse owner moves from a 2 horse trailer to a 3 horse trailer, he/she has made a significant change. Pulling a 3 horse trailer not only requires a longer, heavier trailer, but requires a heavier duty tow vehicle as well. The other problem is that most 3 horse trailers (until now) have been slant load styles, which have small stalls, no easy access to the front horses, and the horses ride at an awkward angle when the tow vehicle is always moving forward.

The 3 horse model is available from most manufacturers in both a tag-along (bumper pull) and gooseneck and are usually slant styles trailers. Be aware, when looking at any 3 horse trailer, that the gooseneck 3 horse trailer is more stable than the 3 horse tag-along mainly because the gooseneck is designed with more tongue weight since it is connected to the truck directly over the truck's axles, rather than a rear frame mounted hitch. Therefore, the 3 horse gooseneck can put the wheels back further than the tag-along. This gives a smoother, safer, and more of a sway-free ride.

The tag-along 3 horse has to be designed with less tongue weight so that a receiver frame mounted hitch can handle it. To do this, the axles have to be moved forward and the weight of the three horses has to be balanced by placing the stalls over the front, middle, and rear of the axles. Whenever axles are moved forward so that some of the weight is placed behind them, it can cause sway, especially when the cargo can shift.

We, at EquiSpirit, have designed a trailer that solves a multitude of problems in carrying three horses. At only 28 and a half feet, this trailer carries two of the horses facing forward, with the third horse in a very wide (52") slant stall. The two horses in back can be easily backed out of the trailer one at a time, and there is a front side unload ramp for the horse in the slant stall. Easy access to all three horses gives you a greater margin of safety especially on longer trips. It also converts easily into a 2 horse trailer when the slant stall is removed, which gives you plenty of extra cargo space.

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