Goose Neck Horse Trailer

goose neck horse trailerA popular horse trailer style is the goose neck trailer.  If you’ve ever owned a goose neck horse trailer, you may never want to go back to a tag-along style again!

As with any type of horse trailer, there are both advantages and disadvantages that come with owning a goose neck style.  Some of the advantages are:

  • The goose neck style provides more stability, since the weight of the tongue rests directly on the truck bed over the rear axles.  The truck can, therefore, more easily carry heavier loads.  This is a definite advantage, if you’re going to be hauling more than two horses!
  • Because the goose neck trailer is hitched in the bed of the truck and not to the bumper, it has a tight turning radius.  The trailer begins turning when the truck turns and cuts corners more quickly than does a tag-along.
  • Goose neck trailers can be easier to hitch to your towing truck than other trailers.  For ball hitch models, you can get couplers that make it possible to hitch up your trailer without having to climb into the truck bed.
  • Instead of having to add extra floor space, you get extra space in the goose neck area that may be used for sleeping or storage.  As a matter of fact, goose neck horse trailers are the best models in which to put living quarters!

In spite of all the advantages of owning a goose neck style trailer, this style may not be for everyone.  Below is a list of some of the disadvantages of a goose neck:

  • Goose neck horse trailers are generally more expensive than tag-alongs.  In addition to the extra cost of the trailer, a pickup truck is required for hauling it.  So, if you are hauling only one or two horses, you may not wish to spend the extra money for this style of trailer.
  • The tight turning radius CAN be detrimental.  Normal turns are more difficult to make, and corners are often cut too sharply, as a result.  If there is a signpost in the vicinity, you just may end up leaving your trailer fender behind!
  • Couplers for goose necks aren’t all that easy to hitch up, and you have to climb into the bed of the truck to do so.
  • Emergency towing may prove to be more difficult to find for a goose neck horse trailer or a goose neck/truck combination.
  • In some states, because of the heavier GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) of the goose neck combinations, commercial licensing may be necessary.
  • The larger size trailer may be more intimidating to neophytes.
  • There’s a chance that finding adequate trailer storage could be problematic.

EquiSpirit Goose Neck Trailer Features

EquiSpirit has considered some of the problems that come with owning a goose neck horse trailer.  To alleviate these problems, EquiSpirit has designed its goose neck models with more desirable standard features.  

Included among these features are the following:

  • The Adjustable Fulton Coupler with Cable Release—makes for easier hitching and unhitching, without having to climb into the bed of the truck
  • Two 20” X 51” windows in goose neck with screens—one on each side for ventilation
  • Indoor/outdoor carpet in goose neck area—adds to looks and comfort
  • 20” X 24” window in dressing room door—for more light and ventilation in dressing room area
  • Bridle hooks and removable saddle racks—same as those in the EquiSpirit dressing room tag-alongs
  • Double clear dome light—same as those in the EquiSpirit dressing room tag-alongs

For optional features check out the EquiSpirit goose neck horse trailers.

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