Horse Mats

Horse mats are essential to the well-being of your horse. Whether placed in your stalls or horse trailer, they provide cushion and comfort, and reduce the chances of injuries.

Horse Mats for Stalls

Horse mats provide the proper care and protection for your horses. They also offer an efficient method to keeping stalls clean. Horse mats will:

  • Provide additional horse comfort
  • Reduce the cost of bedding
  • Provide additional traction
  • Insulate again cold and dampness
  • Reduce bedding costs
  • Reduce daily bedding manure volume

Interlocking mats work best to prevent stumbling by horses and trainers.

Thickness varies and should depend on the surface.

Floor - ½" - ¾"
Sidewalls - 3/8"
Ramps - ½"

Horse Trailer Mats

horse matHorse mats are an essential feature of a trailer. Horse trailer mats not only contribute to the comfort and safety of your horse, but they also extend the life of the floor on your trailer. They make clean-up and maintenance easier and will extend the life of the floor of your horse trailer.

A common source of injury for horses is rotted floor boards in trailers. By keeping dampness and moisture off the floor you reduce decay. Cleaning is simpler by hosing down the mats (note: always let the floor dry before replacing the mats).

Of course, an important factor in equipping trailers with mats is the additional cushioning and traction. Whether driving cross country or locally, horses will get shifted around in a trailer. They will also be subjected to the constant bumps in the road. The horse trailer mat helps to absorb the shock and reduces injuries to your horse. You may also want to consider adding a mat to the ramp to insure additional traction when getting on and off the trailer.

EquiSpirit installs thick 5/8" Rubber Mats that cover the entire floor of the horse trailer. These mats are solid which keeps the urine and manure on the mats rather than on the floor. They are easy to remove and clean, and they reduce stress to your horse's legs by absorbing shock.

.Learn more about horse mats for stalls.

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