What to Consider in a Horse Trailer for Sale

When you come across a horse trailer for sale, whether new or used, there is some homework to do before you purchase.

If the horse trailer on sale is new, the questions to ask are these: Is it large enough for your horses now, and in the future? Can your tow vehicle pull it? Is it well-ventilated (lots of windows and vents)? Are the interior workings easy to operate (butt and breast bars, removable center posts, center dividers)? Will the interior maintain a good climate for your horses (insulated against sound and temperature)? Will the suspension maintain a smooth and safe ride (rubber torsion axles)?

Buying a Used Horse Trailer

If the horse trailer is used, you should check for additional potential problems: Is the floor in good condition (floor boards not rotted, aluminum not corroded). Are the tires worn or dry rotted? Do all the interior dividers and bars work easily? Does the coupler work easily, and correctly? Have the axles been maintained (bearings lubed, brakes adjusted and checked)?

Before we we sell a horse trailer at EquiSpirit, whether it's an EquiSpirit or another brand, we do a check of the entire trailer to help make sure it's safe and sound for the road. Before all new EquiSpirit trailers go up for sale, they undergo a 110 point check-over when it leaves the factory to insure that the trailer is safe and ready when it arrives at your door.

To learn more about horse trailers, check out the The Complete Guide to Buying, Maintaining, and Servicing a Horse Trailer. Considered the industry standard on horse travel.

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