EquiSpirit Living Quarters Horse Trailers

Horse Trailer with Living Quarters

A living quarters horse trailer has to serve two purposes: provide safe and comfortable travel for your horses (an EquiSpirit is always a horse trailer first), and provide a climate controlled interior that is enjoyable to stay in while on the road.

living quarters horse trailersIn choosing a living quarter, always look at the trailer first, and determine its ability to transport and keep your horses safe.

Make sure the structure of the trailer is conducive to housing the kind of living quarters you want. Inspect the roof – overlapping material and rivets are more apt to leak over time. Consider side wall construction – is it dual wall and insulated? Is the LQ floor raised above the horse floor to prevent manure or urine seepage? Not all horse trailers are up to the job. See Living Quarters - Selecting the Right Trailer

Interior of a Living Quarters Horse TrailerNotice the details in workmanship in our living quaters. If the small details strike you as being well made, most probably the rest will be also. But remember, what you don't see needs to be of comparable quality to what you do see. See Living Quarters - The Conversion Process.

Be sure that the conversion company operates under RVIA codes. Only certified professionals will do when it comes to installing gas lines, along with electrical wiring, as well as the plumbing, stoves, vents, and waterlines. You need to be sure it's safe.

Learn why Equispirit is the safest and most comfortable living quarters on the market.

Living Quarters - Selecting the Right Trailer

Living Quarters - Selecting Interior Options

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