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If you live in Ohio and are considering buying a horse trailer go no further than you computer and phone to purchase one of the best trailers available. EquiSpirit horse trailers are available throughout the U.S. and can be shipped to your door.

EquiSpirit horse trailers are known for the engineering, and are built to ensure your horse's safety. They were conceived and designed by Tom and Neva Scheve, recognized authorities on safe horse trailing.

horse trailers ohioNeva and Tom authored several books on horse trailers. They include The Complete Guide To Buying, Maintaining, and Servicing a Horse Trailer, which is the only complete text book on horse trailers. Neva also wrote the Hawkins Guide: Horse Trailering On The Road, and the Equine Emergencies On The Road along with Jim Hamilton DVM. Neva is considered a leading authority of horse trailering, and is a frequent speaker at horse shows throughout the country. Both Tom and Neva grew up in the Cincinnati, Ohio area where they were active participants of the local horse community. They eventually moved to Southern Pines, NC and start EquiSpirit.

Where other manufacturers will talk about how they construct their trailers, or discuss the metals they use, the EquiSpirit horse trailers are all about safety for you and your horses. Which is ultimately the most important factor of a horse trailer. We encourage you to check out the models page and read about the EquiSpirit difference. It becomes obvious that special care is taken to guarantee your horse's safety. And when you view the standard features you will notice that we equipped our trailers with many features that are optional on other models.

Another important factor in purchasing a horse trailer from EquiSpirit is you deal with our professional staff. Our support staff are horse owners, and understand your special needs. They don't just sell you a horse trailer, they sell you the perfect transportation for your horse. They work with to construct a model with all the options you may need. They will advise you on what type of tow vehicle is required and which hitch is necessary. But more important we establish a rapport that continues long after you take delivery of your trailer.

Shipping Your Horse Trailer to Ohio

Ohio is one of our largest markets for horse trailers. We have customers all over the state. You may think that purchasing from an out of state manufacturer may pose some risk. First, before our trailer leaves the factory it goes through 101 checklist to make certain everything is perfect.

Second, our trailers are backed by a satisfaction guarantee warranty. If you trailer arrives and it is not correct you can tell the driver to take it back. We will order you another with the corrected changes at no cost to you, or, if you like, we will give you a full refund on your money. No other horse trailer manufacturer offers that kind of guarantee.

Servicing Your Horse Trailer in Ohio

Servicing is never an issue with EquiSpirit. We have a person devoted to handling any service issues. Since horse trailers are not as complicated as cars, servicing can be done at a local body shop. Debby, our service manager, will find you a local shop and forward parts and instruction to the shop. Rather than having to drive to your dealer, you can get you service done locally.

It is for the reasons listed above that EquiSpirit is recognized is one of the best horse trailers available, and one of the best companies to work with. To learn more about EquiSpirit horse trailers check out our Trailer Tour.

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