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Manufacturer's Satisfaction Guarantee

If you haven't had the opportunity to see an EquiSpirit or EquiBreeze horse trailer in person….Good News!

If you buy a horse trailer from us, we are so confident that you will be satisfied with our trailer, that if you aren't, we'll take the trailer back and refund your money.

Before delivery, every EquiSpirit and EquiBreeze horse trailer goes through a comprehensive two man inspection at our factory that involves a check list of over 150 items and a full service dealer prep before ever leaving the premises. Since the EquiSpirit Trailer Company ships all over the world, experience has taught us that each trailer needs to be in the best possible condition at point of delivery.

The EquiSpirit Pledge

EquiSpirit Trailer Company guarantees that your EquiSpirit or EquiBreeze trailer will be everything we said it would be when it arrives at your door, or we will take it back and refund your money. Read the terms and conditions below to understand how it works.

Terms and Conditions of Money Back Guarantee, as of 1/26/11

What is "Refusal of Delivery" on applicable trailers: When your new trailer arrives to you, you may refuse delivery. To be fair, if there is something wrong such as a flat tire or broken window, that is a service related item and isn't a reason to refuse delivery. Your new trailer warranty will take care of that and we will get anything resolved for you quickly and easily. Refusing delivery means that your new trailer isn't what we said it was, and you are completely unsatisfied with your purchase due to inadequate workmanship, and making any repairs or replacement with another trailer isn't going to bring satisfaction to you. It means you are not going to purchase your trailer and there isn't any resolve to the situation other than getting your money back. If that is the case, you may kindly inform your delivery driver that you are refusing delivery and he will return your trailer to the factory for a 100% refund, including any applicable freight. Whatever method of payment you used initially will be the method in which your refund occurs and it will be within 10 days. Used trailers do not apply.

Accepting Delivery: Once your new trailer is delivered and you have signed the delivery receipt, this confirms you are satisfied with your purchase and this completes your transaction as the new owner. If your trailer is otherwise satisfactory and something is wrong or a correction needs to be made, your bumper to bumper warranty will take care of anything that occurs for two years so you are covered. Simply make a notation on the delivery receipt and hand it back to your driver. Our customer service will contact you and make arrangements to make any corrections or repairs in your area.

Custom Trailers: Custom or "unusual" trailer designs are not eligible for a refund and cannot be returned. However, on custom living quarter trailers and "unusual" designs we do encourage and welcome you as a guest to come and inspect your trailer prior to delivery at the factory. We will pay for 50% of the cost of one plane ticket that is booked at least 10 days in advance. (at our discretion)\

Payment terms: Standard deposits are required when ordering a trailer with balance due before delivery as stated on your order.

What money back guarantee does not mean:

  1. It means you can't change your mind after you have placed your order once your trailer has been started in construction. You will lose your deposit if you do so.
  2. Normal order terms apply as per the terms on your invoice.
  3. Canceling or not accepting your trailer due to reasons other than inadequate workmanship is not a valid reason to refuse delivery. In other words, personal reasons, buyer's remorse, or change in personal circumstances are not acceptable terms for a refund.
  4. Circumstances that are not related to EquiSpirit Horse Trailers or your new trailer are not eligible for the money back guarantee.


What if I need service or warranty repair later on?

Most horse trailer dealers are used to selling to customers in their immediate area. So again, they do not understand, or are not set up to service you over long distances. And even if a dealer does have a repair center (many do not) they usually want you to come to them. And, as you well know, full service horse trailer dealers are almost never right down the street - sometimes not even in the same county.

At, EquiSpirit Horse Trailers we have designed, tested and implemented a long distance service program that serves you better than most dealers. You have someone on-call, Monday through Friday, ready to solve all your service and warranty needs. Unlike a car that has spark plugs, timing belts, computer chips, drive trains, etc., a horse trailer is basically a box on wheels. All service can be done at your nearby body shop. If it is a living quarter problem, we work with RV centers directly to correct any trouble that may arise.

We work directly with you and/or the body shop/RV center on repairs and maintenance. We ship parts from our factory, and fax and/or email instructions. Our goal is to get your EquiSpirit back on the road fast. If it is a warranty problem, we will determine this quickly and we are glad to pay the shop directly or reimburse you for the bill immediately. Best of all, body shop/RV centers do this for a living (whereas trailer dealers often do it out of necessity) so body shops/RV centers tend to get things done professionally, and fast.


Our drivers will deliver the trailer at your convenience, not ours - including after hours, Saturday or Sunday. And whereas many drivers are anxious to drop it and run, our drivers will take the time to make sure you are comfortable with your new trailer before they leave. Of course they are bonded and insured so if anything happens to your trailer on the way there, it's our liability and responsibility, not yours.

Our goal is to make your buying experience with The EquiSpirit Trailer Company a wonderful experience and that you are happy with your horse trailer for years to come.

The EquiSpirit Warranty

3 years bumper to bumper, excluding living quarters and parts not manufactured by EquiSpirit.

7 Year Structural warranty

1 year on items not manufactured by EquiSpirit.

1 year on living quarter interiors except for appliances having longer manufacturer warranties. For example, air conditioner or microwave.

The following components are warranted by the respective manufacturers:
Dexter Never Lube Axle – 5 year limited warranty
Coupler, Jack Assembly/Landing Gear, Wheels, Tires - warranty as per manufacturer policy

The above is an overview of the EquiSpirit Warranty. For a more detailed copy of the entire warranty, contact EquiSpirit Trailer Company.

The EquiBreeze Warranty

1 year bumper to bumper
and 3 years structural.

For a more detailed copy of the entire warranty,
contact EquiSpirit Trailer Company

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