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I finally got to use my new EquiSpirit trailer - and I LOVE it. More importantly, my horses love it too. It's so bright and open, loading was no problem. It pulls so nicely and is so smooth riding, my nervous most of the time mare arrived at our destination in perfect shape! When it was time to load back up an hour later, she walked right up the ramp - her only concern was if there was hay there for her!

I'll be needing to haul a mare and foal soon, a normally stressful endeavor, but I've got no worrys now!



Hi, Diana

We are fine here. Thanks for asking! We LOVE our trailer! I've attached pictures to prove it. ;-)

It's been so easy to teach my young horses to get into this trailer. It just looks so open and inviting. A friend brought me a horse to ride for her that was so scared to get into a trailer, she would panic when she saw one open! With some patience and clicker training, we worked on her problem until she now loads quietly and rides relaxed. I don't think I could have convinced her that trailers were safe if I still had my old trailer.

The pictures are of Kes (white pony) and Journey (bay pony). I really appreciate the adjustable chest and butt bars for these guys, since Kes is only 13.3 and Journey is 14.2. The bars are easy to adjust and operate, just like everything else on this trailer!

Thanks again for checking with me.



Thank you so much for all your help and advice on my trailer purchase. Usually with a big purchase like this, I'm nervous and second guessing my decision because of cost and whether I made the best choice. I can say with 100% honesty that I am perfectly comfortable and excited about buying an EquiSpirit. I know I made the right choice for my horse and myself. And I can say that because you helped me choose the right trailer, not just try and sell me one of yours.

Thanks again,

Mary E.

Hi, Equispirit,

We are enjoying our new trailer very much!? It is beautiful!? Here are pics of our "rig" at our home.

Karen from California


Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, we are still very happy with our new EquiSpirit.

More than that, I would like to take this opportunity to compliment everyone at EquiSpirit for the wonderful service we received. Barbara helped me immensely during the decision making process with trailer and tow vehicle specifications, as well as financing decisions. She was always eager to assist when confronted with the thousand questions and concerns of a “trailer virgin”. Sandy was wonderful when it came to arranging for delivery. I was very impressed with the manner in which he stayed in contact and carefully followed up on each step of the process, making sure we were taken care of.

In this day and time, it’s refreshing to do business with a company which offers such personal and caring service.


Hi Barbara,

Thought you might like to see how great my truck and new trailer look together! Do you think they will let me pretend to be a real "Buck-eye" now that I'm sporting the Ohio State colors?

Both Wulfi and Gooker love their new mode of transportation. We took a trip to Masterson Station last week. 90 degree weather. Thank goodness we included the fans. Both horses arrived pretty fresh. They had cleaned up their hay - so it must have been pretty comfortable for them.

Thanks a lot! Hope to see you soon.

Best Wishes,

Just want to tell you how much we LOVE our trailer. Every time we use it we comment on how nice it is. I especially like how quiet it is inside---no rattling and clanging like the inside of most trailers. Because the inside is light in color it's very inviting for a horse to enter---not at all a "small, scary, or dark place." The ramp is long and low--much safer for the horse and us people! Since we've had our trailer I've noticed how short and steep most other trailer ramps are and can see why a horse would be reluctant to step on (or should I say climb) it.

Our "new" horse is 16.3 HH and had always been trailered in a slant load (ugh!) before we bought him. He now walks right on with just the leadrope thrown over his neck. Because of his size, I'm glad we got the extra height.

We searched for about a year to find everything we wanted in a horse trailer. During the order/purchase process, everyone I spoke to on the phone was helpful and friendly. The delivery process went very smoothly also.

Just wanted you to know I'm so glad to have found an EquiSpirit!

Joan F.
Salem, VA


Just wanted to report that I have all keys, manuals, etc. in my possession and that I am enjoying my trailer. Here is a picture of Kopac (horse) and I in action with the new acquisition. Thanks for all your help!

I LOVE my trailer! Thanks for all of your patience and assistance with my order. I absolutely love my trailer and know my horse will too. I would not hesitate to recommend EquiSpirit to anyone I know!!!

Thanks you again!

Sam B.


We love our trailer. Attached is a picture of Sarah and Journey, and Feliz and myself after traveling to our friends barn in the new trailer.

Fleta in Maryland


Barbara, Sandy and Debbie,

I wanted to say Thank You for working with me on purchasing an EquiSpirit Trailer.
You made this endeavor "a first time trailer purchase" easy and enjoyable. No matter what questions or concerns I had, they were answered in the most courteous and professional manner.

It was a true pleasure working with each of you and we will contact you again when we are ready to purchase a gooseneck in the next couple of years.

Thank you again for all your help.


To everyone at EquiSpirit -

Thank you for all of your wonderful help. I have been sooooo happy with my new trailer. The dressing room has helped tremendously at shows. So many people have admired my trailer and I made sure to tell them exactly where I got it!!!

Thanks again,

Jenne P.

Dear Barbara,

Thank you for asking about us and our horse and our trailer! All are very fine and happy!
We are still in awe over the trailer and everyone who sees it is jealous that they don't have an EQUISPIRIT trailer too!

I will send a photo of Elizabeth with her horse and the trailer!

Thank you for all you help, attention and wonderful customer service. Not only is the trailer the top of the line, but your company is too!

Jane J.

Joe, I received my EquiSpirit trailer (3 Horse GN Safeload) today and it looks great.
Jarrod did an excellent job of reviewing and detailing the operation of my new trailer upon delivery.

I want to thank you and Mary Jean for a wonderful buying experience and you can be sure that I will share this many times to many people.

Harold - From Illinois

Dear Barbara,

I love my trailer! I have hauled many different size horses in it and have found it to be great. Thanks so much for your help.

Mary P.

A Posting on Ultimate Dressage from a soon to be EquiSpirit customer

I met Neva and Tom Scheve at a horse expo when I was in the market for a trailer. They both were so nice, informed, and helpful!!!

I wound up not having the $$$ to buy a trailer yet, but when I do, I won't have anything else! In addition to being the trailer expert in the country (her book is the trailering bible), did you know that Neva used to design for Trailet and Hawk? That's probably why they're so similar. Although I'm not a customer - yet, I couldn't say enough about how wonderful these people are to deal with.

Screen Name: ghnich


Thanks so much for the email. We absolutely love our EquiSpirit. It is just wonderful. The horses ride well in it and it is so safe!

Thanks again,

Abby from Georgia

Oh buy the way, I still love my trailer & so does everyone that sees it. I do want you to sell a lot of your trailers since they have to be the safest on the road but it sure is nice to have the best looking trailer at the shows we go to.

Jim P. - owner of 2 horse tag-along.

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