Treadmill Ratings and Reviews

Independent treadmill ratings and reviews are the best source for getting an objective opinion. If you are in the market for home fitness equipment then you'll want to do your homework. By researching home fitness equipment reviews you can determine where to get the best value for your dollar.

There are numerous home fitness equipment reviews that cover products like treadmills, elliptical trainers and home gyms. Below is a list of some of the best web sites for getting the inside scoop. Check them out and make your own evaluation based on solid evidence. Home fitness equipment is a huge investment, reviews can help to guarantee you spend your money wisely:

Treadmill Reviews and Ratings:

Treadmill Doctor - This site offers treadmils reviews and ratings on numerous models. It is run by two brothers who have worked for treadmill manufacturers before they got into the business of selling treadmill supplies. They have personally tested most of the major brand treadmills. Their "Best Buy" rating is highly valued in the industry.

www.Treadmill-Ratings-Reviews.com - Reviews written by industry expert Fred Waters. Mr. Waters brings his 17 years of industry expertise to his reviews.

Epinions - This consumer site provides home fitness equipment reviews by individuals who have actually bought the products. Based on customer satisfaction, products are rated on a five star rating. The reviews are normally very in depth. You can read reviews the cover both good and bad experience with home fitness products. In addition, online stores are reviewed.

Consumer Guide - Although Consumer Guide does not have a huge number of home fitness equipment reviews, they still give some good insight into several leading brands.

Runner's World - Approximately every 3 years Runner's World Magazine reviews home treadmills. They generally limit their reviews to 10 treadmills that start around $1,700. They rate various categories like electronics, noise level, cushioning, etc. Word has it they had so many complaints from manufacturers last time they did reviews that this last one will be it. They don't want the hassle. Runner's World also has excellent information on treadmill workouts and exercise.

Consumer Reports - This is the oldest and most venerable source for all types of reviews, including home fitness equipment. In order to providing the most objective opinions, they go out and buy the products rather then have them shipped by the manufacturer. They want to make certain they get a "off the street" version of the fitness equipment. So their treadmill comparisons are very precise.

In addition, you will find numerous home fitness equipment reviews in various health and fitness magazine. Sometimes they can be insightful, often they are written without actually using the product.

One last valuable source is customer testimonials. Unfortunately, not enough manufacturers provide these valuable home fitness equipment reviews. And of course, they are only going to provide favorable reviews.

Once you have checked out the numerous sources listed above we ask that you bookmark our site. We have links to the best sources for buying your treadmill online.


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