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EquiSpirit always has used horse trailers for sale, but not always used EquiSpirits.

used horse trailers for saleIf our customers trade up or get out of horses for any reason, they have many people waiting to purchase their EquiSpirit used trailers. Many of our customers have done searches and have told us that they cannot find any used. This is great testimony that our customers keep their trailers forever, or if they do sell, the resale value is great.

We do whatever we can to help our customers get into an EquiSpirit, so this means we take in trades of other brands and thus, throughout the year we end up with a selection of used horse trailers.

The problem is that we give fair market value for our trades, and even though we refurbish them for the safety of the horse and owner, if they are not an EquiSpirit used horse trailer, our heart isn't in selling them for what they're worth.

You see, in selling our EquiSpirit line of trailers, we feel we've been spoiled,

Consequently, we are very picky about how other trailers are designed and built. When people ask us about one of our used, non EquiSpirit, horse trailers we don't speak badly about it, but we do point out why we don't like this, and why we don't like that, and what you should watch out for before you buy it.

So if you're looking for a good used horse trailer and price is important, give us a shot. Not only will you get a really good deal, you'll know exactly what you are getting, and why.

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