Used Horse Trailers vs. New Horse Trailers

Won't I come out ahead buying a used trailer over a new one?

"The primary motive for those considering a used trailer over new is the possibility of getting more trailer for their dollars. But this is easier said than done. For example, if you have very limited funds to spend, or limited resources to finance, your chances of finding a used trailer in decent shape is going to be difficult, at best. I once had someone ask me 'why are all trailers under a thousand dollars look like they've been pushed off a cliff?'"

But what if I have the budget to get something nicer? Won't I still come out ahead if I can buy a mid to higher range used trailer rather than new?

"If you're budget can allow for a higher priced used trailer, you're chances of finding a trailer you'd like, certainly increases, but you will still often find the search frustrating. Unlike buying new, you can't necessarily pick the brand you want, or the features, the size, the color, the type, even if you're looking at EquiSpirits. Of course, it's always possible that the right used trailer will show up at the right price, but more often than not, you will probably have to settle for something you don't particularly want or like - something as simple as the color trim."

So, lets say I do have the financial resources to buy new, isn't the aggravation of finding a good used trailer worth it in dollars and cents, even if I have to settle?

"Not necessarily. Consider that a horse trailer is not an expenditure, it's an investment. If you have to sell that new twelve thousand dollar trailer the week after you purchase it, you obviously are not going to lose twelve thousand dollars. You will only lose the difference between what you paid for it, and what you got for it. Whether it's a week, a month, a year, or five years, the same principle applies. It will always retain a certain cash value - some more than others. The same applies to used. The value of a good used trailer will also decline over the years, and it's possible that the difference between the purchase price and selling price of both the new and used trailer could be the same, or the new one even less."

Then if I buy new, what price range should I be looking in?

"Again, if you understand the investment, you would be better off to shop for the exact trailer you want and need, rather than shopping the price. You might end up spending less money on the high priced trailer than on a mid priced trailer. For example, the six thousand dollar trailer might be worth three thousand in two years, whereas the twelve thousand dollar trailer may be worth ten thousand in two years, meaning the higher priced trailer is a better cash investment than the cheaper one. Not to mention the hidden value you receive with the right trailer. "

What do you mean by hidden value?

"By hidden value, I refer to the incidents or accidents that might have happened to you or your horses, but didn't, because you purchased a safer, better designed trailer. It is also the value that I place on greater peace of mind. I remember back when we had our trailer lot in Ohio, I kidded with Neva one day by saying, "This lady just bought a $14,000.00 trailer from me, and I'll bet that whole outfit she was wearing didn't cost more than $5." She said scoldingly, 'That's because she cares as much, or more, for her horses than she does for herself.' Remember, you're not the only one at risk here. So are your horses, and for that matter, other's who are traveling on the same road."

So what you're saying is, if I can afford it, don't skimp on buying the right trailer, because it will be the best overall investment for me and my horse.

"Yes. But there is a "kink" in investment part of this. Most all trailers, except for EquiSpirit, are sold through dealers. Since dealers constantly discount to get your business, it's hard to establish the actual value of their new horse trailers, since the original value is not the list price, but the sale price. In other words, if you paid ten thousand for the same trailer someone else paid eight thousand for, there equity is going to be a whole lot better than yours in both the immediate and long term future - whether they trade it in, or sell it outright."

How can we be sure we're getting the best price?

You'll never really know for sure. That's why EquiSprit pricing is standardized across the board. EquSpirit customers can be assured that the price they get is the real price - and thus, the lowest price. There is no "call for pricing" anywhere in EquiSpirit's literature. All prices are up front, on the website, and placed in all the printed material. EquiSpirit has been able to accomplish this by only selling through company trained representatives, and by processing and reviewing all final sales through EquiSpirit's corporate offices. There is no chance that anyone can undercut the prices. We've learned that the real reason people shop price is to make sure their not paying more than someone else for the exact same thing. This is also the reason why previously owned EquiSpirits are consistent in equity value, and maintain high resale prices through the years.

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