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Buying a Used Horse Trailer From EquiSpirit

Used Horse Trailer For SaleEquiSpirit always has used horse trailers for sale, but not always used EquiSpirits.

We will trade for just about any used horse trailer to get horse owners horses into a safe trailer – an EquiSpirit. This is why we give EquiSpirit buyers such good prices for their used horse trailers as trades. But selling other brands of used horse trailers isn’t so easy for us.

You see, in selling our EquiSpirit line of horse trailers, we feel we've been spoiled. We are very picky about how other trailers are designed and built. When people ask us about one of our used, non EquiSpirit, horse trailers we don't speak badly about it, but we do point out why you may not like it. So if you’re looking for a great deal on another brand, you’re apt to find it on our used horse trailer page.

We wish we had more used EquiSpirit horse trailers to offer because they sell themselves. But unless a customer is trading up, EquiSpirit owners hang onto their EquiSpirits. Even the trades are often sold to friends of those trading up before they make it back to our lot. If you’ve shopped for an EquiSpirit used horse trailer, you already know this to be true.

The fact that we sell everything direct, and that EquiSpirit new and used horse trailers are in demand, makes the financial investment into a new or used EquiSpirit just as sound as the safety investment for you and your horses – an important point to tell your partner or spouse.

Recommendations When Buying a Used Horse Trailer

Interior used horse trailerWhen buying a used horse trailer, it would be wise to determine if the seller is reputable. The internet has given birth to a new brand of thieves who are selling both new and used horse trailers they don’t have. The photos they show you has most likely been lifted off someone else’s website. Some obvious giveaways are: They happen to be out of the country. They always want money in advance, perhaps paid to some escrow account. The deal is too good to be true. They have a problem showing you the trailer first.

On the other extreme, if you trust the individual or trust the company that is offering the trailer, you will get the answers you need to determine if the trailer will work for you. If not, you can use the following guidelines:

  • Check tires for uneven wear, dry rot, and tread wear. Even if the trailer has not been used much over the years, a used horse trailer sitting in the sun can end up with small cracks throughout the tire.
  • Ask the owner how often the bearing grease and brakes have been checked. Even better, have them checked before you buy.
  • Check the undercarriage for rust if the frame is steel and for corrosion if it’s aluminum.
  • Have aluminum checked for stress fractures in the structure.
  • Check the wood floor for any softness or rotting. For aluminum, check the floor for corrosion and holes.
  • Work all the doors and latches to make sure they latch properly.
  • Check the coupler for wear.
  • Check the electric brakes and lighting. On older used trailers, wires can deteriorate and brakes can get worn.
  • Make sure your horses fit comfortably and will be able to balance well in the trailer.


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