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EquiSpirit 2 Horse Non-Dressing Room.
Suggestion: At 7'6" tall, 6' wide, and a total of 10'+ stall length (the + is because the head area extends into the open wedge nose). This model will easily fit horses up to 16.3 hands.

XL and XXL Options

XL extra large option Adds 2" to the interior height (7'8" tall) and 1 foot length to the horse stall (11' stall area). The total length increases to 18'6" from bumper to coupler. The increased size adds approx. 250 lbs (3,450 lbs.). The XL option will carry horses up to 18 hands.

Suggestion: This option increases the overall size of the trailer for larger horses without increasing the axle width if you have narrow driveways and road.


XXL double extra large option.
Adds 2" to interior height (7'8" tall). Adds 1 foot to the horse stall ( 11' stall length) and 8" to the interior width making the outside trailer width (axle width) 102" instead of the standard 96". The total trailer length increases to18'6". The additional size adds 450 lbs. (3,650 lbs.). The XXL option will carry horses at 18+ hands.

Exterior Options
Length—extra footage added to nose.
Suggestion: add one to two feet if you would like to add saddle racks or bridle hooks.
Add 1' -$470
Add 2' -$1,140
Rear ramp With Upper Storm Doors—to replace ramp over full height doors with windows.
Suggestion: If you are just used to having a ramp with upper storm doors, or are in a very hot area and like to have the option of opening the upper rear doors for extra ventilation, you can have this 3 piece configuration in replacement of our standard Full Height Doors w/ Ramp Behind. Note: Windows in storm doors are optional. See below.

Ramp48" width side unload ramp includes top door with window.
Suggestion: This allows your horses to exit frontwards, out the side, instead of backing them out the rear. At least 3' should be added to trailer if using this option as a horse exit. Or you can delete the bulkhead wall (wall between horse and dressing room) for the extra length whereas we extend the horse floor boards and rubber mats (at no additional cost) and add supportive cross members underneath the floor all the way to the jack sheet wall (wall below GN).
RV Grab Handle
Suggestion: Located on the side of the tack or horse area doors, it allows you to hold onto for balance as you step up into the trailer. - See Photo
Awningretractable scissors single person operation.
Suggestion: The awning is usually installed on the ditch-side (passenger side) of the trailer (where the dressing room door is usually located) and used for shade where none is available, and to wait out the rain. It is priced per 2 foot increments with a minimum size of 8 feet.
- See Photo

8'-10' —$1,250
11'-13' —$1,625

Awning Ready Drip Rail
Motorized Awning Crank
Full Running Boards


XL option - $220

6' Roof Rack and Ladderfor hay.
Suggestion: This rack provides out-of-the-way storage for extra hay. However, without someone strong to help, it is very difficult to get hay up onto the rack. - See Photo
Additional Roof Ventdual opening.
Suggestion: Since two dual opening (opens front and back) vents are standard (one over each horses head), extra vents are not normally needed, nor often ordered. But in extremely hot areas, additional vents can be added to roof over horse's body. - See Photo
Load Light - 55 watt halogen load light with outside remote switch.
Suggestion: Even though good lighting exists on the inside of your trailers, this light provides plenty of additional outside light over the ramp . This option can be very helpful if you're doing a lot of night time loading and unloading. - See Photo
Exterior Tie Ring - priced each.
Suggestion: additional outside tie ring(s) (two are standard on each side - one for tying and one up high for hay bag) that can be placed on the side of the trailer for additional locations to tie your horse. - See Photo
Interior Options
Rumber Floor - replaces wood floor and mats in horse area for standard length. - See Photo
Rumber Floorreplaces wood floor and mats in horse area. XL and XXL models. - See Photo
Rumber Floorextra footage priced per foot when adding additional footage for dressing room or horse area to the Standard, XL or XXL models. - See Photo
Add 1' -$55
Add 2' -$110
Add 3' -$165
Add 4' -$220
Interior Tie Ringhorse friendly swivel tie ring, priced each.
Suggestion: We provide three "lay flat" (when not in use) standard tie rings per horse, but additional are available if you prefer an alternate location to tie your horse, or for securing items in other areas of the trailer. -
See Photo
Bridle Hooks - set of six.
Additional Saddle Racks - priced each.
Suggestion: Our standard saddle rack post holds up to four saddles. Extra saddle racks can be added. We don't recommend putting saddles/racks inside the trailer with the horses, but the option is available. We suggest adding some extra length to the trailer if you want the saddle racks.

Post - $95

Racks -
$85 each

Butt Bar—full width
Suggestion: If you remove the dividers, this bar replaces the regular butt bars and keeps the horses from exiting the rear of the trailer when the rear doors/ramp is opened. It can also be used if you move the swinging divider over for one horse and remove the standard butt bars.
Adjustable Butt & Breast Bars, Both Stalls - adjustable in two positions to match different size horses.
Suggestion: You should choose L, XL, or XXL model of trailer to fit your size horses, but if you have a smaller horse such as 14.2 hands and under, the butt and breast bar can be adjusted to help accommodate their size. - See Photo
Head Divider -- tubular steel replaces solid steel head divider.
Suggestion: This head divider with tubular bars (instead of being solid) allows air to circulate through the head divider to provide more overall air circulation in the head area. It is recommended for use in hot areas of the country. - See Photo
Lower Steel Center Dividerremovable lower steel divider pinned in place.
We prefer that the space below the center divider not be restricted so that horses have more "sideways" leg room to better balance. However, this divider, which is steel and more rigidly fixed in place, is sometimes used for stallions or a "kicking horse" to separate them from harming each other. The steel divider is tougher, heavier, and more rigidly affixed to top of center divider, and to the rear and center posts.
Cargo Brackets—3 brackets with multiple tie locations for securing hay and tack.
Suggestion: These popular EquiSpirit (horse friendly) feature (installed at both ends and middle on lower portion of interior wedge nose wall) allows you to secure hay and other items with bungee cords or ties, adding more safe storage space to the horse head area of the trailer. - See Photo
Extra Double Dome Light for Interior.
Suggestion: The standard interior double dome lights (located directly over the dressing room door and the ditch side horse door) provide very good lighting. However, if you spend a lot of time working in your trailer at night, extra double dome lights can be added. Placement is usually over the road side door, and sometimes placed near the roof line in the rear of the trailer. - See Photo
Extra Brush Tray
Suggestion: The extra brush tray gives you additional storage space (one is standard) for those tall bottles (such as fly spray), and also for combs, brushes, hoof picks, etc. - See Photo
Remote Switch
An outside remote switch for the optional horse area fans can make it more accessible - especially helpful if you get stuck in traffic on a hot day and need to turn them on quickly. - See Photo
Fan—12 volt, 2 speed with swivel base for horse area, priced each.
Suggestion: For extremely hot areas, or if you get stuck in traffic on a hot day, these fans, when placed high up in the corner(s) of the bulkhead wall, are very effective in ventilating the horse head area. With an optional remote switch placed outside, you would have quick, easy access to getting them turned on quickly. - See Photo
BatteryInterior deep cell 12 Volt wired to charge from truck.
Suggestion: This deep cell battery (holds a charge for long time) is installed inside the dressing room and powers your interior lights, oscillating fans, and load lights, without being plugged into your truck. It is wired so that your tow vehicle will trickle charge it when driving.
Power Converter
Converts 110 electric coming in to trailer to 12 volt and keeps battery charged.
Window Options
Windows—20" x 24" horse shoulder windows price per pair. (one each side).
Suggestion: These windows are placed, one on each side of the trailer between the large rear horse stall window and the horse head area window, giving even more light and ventilation. For those horses that are more claustrophobic, these windows provide continuous light and visibility coming in from the outside all along the interior side of the trailer when the horse is walking in. - See Photo
Add Two 20" by 24" screened windows in upper rear storm doors.
Suggestion: These windows are installed in the upper storm
doors on the "Ramp w/Upper Storm Door" option that is substituted
for the "Full Heigth Doors w/Ramp Behind" configuration. They allow air flow into the rear of the trailer while the screens keep unwanted insects and debris out.

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