3 Horse Trailer - The SafeLoad 3™
Three horse straight load walk through (weight 6,700 lbs)

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"The safest three horse trailer design available today."
Designed and Created by Tom and Neva Scheve

3 horse trailerAt only 22½ feet in the box (29½ total length) the actual box length of this three horse trailer is approximately 3.5 feet longer (behind your truck) than a standard 2 horse XL dressing room tag-along. Yet it will carry three large warmbloods easily and safely, with an escape route for every horse.

If you're leaving one horse home, the third stall space easily converts to a storage area with an access ramp for carts, scooters, 4-wheelers or whatever you're taking on the road. The rear stalls will carry horses up to 18+ hands, and the front stall (which also converts to a box stall) will carry horses up to 17 hands. Learn more about the safety advantages of the EquiSpirit 3 horse trailer.

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The EquiSpirit SafeLoad™ 3 Horse Trailer
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Overall Length

Interior Width (with no wheel wells)

Inside Height
Weight (without options)
6620 lbs.

Here are just a few of EquiSpirit's 3 horse trailer standard safety features:

  • Box Stall Doors - to separate the rear horses from the front stall, providing either a large additional self contained tack area or providing a box stall (instead of a diagonal stall) for your third horse. These easily removable doors are rounded at the top and are both tall enough to keep a horse from going over but also low enough to keep a horses hoof or leg from going under.
  • Easy individual loading/unloading - the rear and front ramps allow you to unload each horse without disturbing or removing the others.
  • Easy to lift ramp behind two full height rear doors - to solidly secure and protect horses from rear end collisions and to protect you and your family from getting kicked while putting the ramp up and down. The Full Doors have with 20 x 24 windows with screens for ventilation and to keep road debris out.
  • 51" Wide Removable Front Diagonal Slant Stall - provides the front horse with a wide more diagonal space to fit larger horses. The telescoping stall divider easily shortens and latches against the road side wall or can be removed all together.
  • Entrance/Escape Doors - allows you access to the horse area from both sides of the trailer.
  • Self-Adjusting Brakes:  All trailer brakes need to be adjusted periodically. EquiSpirit’s trailer brakes automatically continually adjust themselves for optimum braking.
  • Eight Turn Signal  Brake Lights – 6 LED turn signals on the rear to include a traveling turn signal and two large turn signal/brake lights on the fenders that can be seen from the driver’s seat.
  • Heavier Duty Goodyear Radial Tires - for that little higher rating without a stiffer ride.
  • Six Turn Signal/Brakes Lights - 4 LED turn signals on the rear and one large turn signal/brake light on each fender for maximum visibility.
  • Extra Running Lights - to give more outside visibility to your trailer than even DOT (Department of Transportation) requires.
  • Exterior Safety Latches - to secure all horse area doors from popping open while trailering.
  • Interior Door Latch Guards - to keep the door latches from being tampered with by curious horses while trailering.
  • Quick Release Butt/Breast Bars - that can be released under the weight of a straddled horse.
  • And Much more. (See all the standard features that are included )

Color and trim

  • Exterior Aluminum Skin Side Walls — the baked-on enamel aluminum side walls (body) are white to best reflect heat. 
  • EquiSpirit TM Graphics — the special EquiSpirit graphic stripe and accent trim color are available in a variety of colors.
  • Roof — the very top of the dual insulated roof is has a pre-painted baked-on white enamel finish to reflect heat.

What EquiSpirit customers like about this 3 horse trailer model.

  • Load/Unloading - unlike the safety flawed three horse slant load trailer, EquiSpirit customers love the fact that each horse can be reached without disturbing or removing the others. Each horse can be loaded or unloaded without disturbing the others. 2 Horse Conversion - with the standard box stall conversion doors, this 3 horse trailer at only 22.5 feet in the box length, easily converts into a very manageable, easy to pull two horse trailer with lots of extra tack room.
  • Side Unload Ramp - provides access and easy unload of the third horse bu also allows easy loading of hay, tack, bikes, saddles, and whatever else you need for a weekend of fun.

Popular SafeLoad Options.

  • Full Length Butt Bar - if you make a rear box stall by removing all the dividers and posts, the full length butt bar keeps the rear horses from going out the back when you open up the rear doors/ramp.
  • 30" Bulkhead Door - allows you to pass between the dressing room and the third stall/box stall area. Also available, an extra wide door (36") will allow you to pull a large tack trunk from the tack area (which has access to the ramp) into the Dress Room area.

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