EquiBreeze “OpenAir” Three Horse SafeRide Gooseneck Standard Specifications

Overall Length 26 ½ '
Height: 7'6"
Interior Width: 6'
Overall stall length - 10' (7' stall, 3' head area) 10' diagonal front box stall - usable horse stall length 9'
Overall axle width: 8' (96")
Axle capacity: 22 ½ up - 12,000 lbs. dual axles - Dexter rubber torsion suspension w/4 wheel brakes
Tire size: ST235/80R16D Radial
2&5/16th inch Fulton coupler
Pre-painted Galvanized steel white baked-on enamel outer skin
4' wide side unload ramp with upper storm door
Galvanized steel non-rust frame and inner structure - Gator Shield inline process
Dual wall in lower rear horse stall areas with SafeKick wall system.
Additional Galvanized steel roof support bows over horses heads
2 slatted sides up high in horse area (5' tall sides)
One double dome light on ditch side wall In front horse box stall area
One double dome light on roadside over road side horse area door
Aerodynamic "V" nose
Pressure treated high grade pine wood floor w/rubber mats on entire floor
16" on center Galvanized steel cross brackets supporting wood floor
Solid rubber mats covering entire wood floor
Removable padded center divider and removable center post
Removable swinging tubular head divider
Removable quick release padded butt/breast bars
Removable quick release breast chain in front of side ramp
Removable box stall doors and post
SafeKick lined wall system in horse area
Side wall vinyl padding above SafeKick lining in rear and front horse stall area
2 vinyl feed trays in front of horses - 1 vinyl triangle feed tray for front horse
54" tall rear low angle, easy to lift ramp (upper storm doors optional)
Three interior lay flat tie rings per each rear horse - 2 for front horse (1) on each side of ramp.
1 full height 7' tall by 30" width walk-in door into front horse head area
1 access horse door in rear horse head area on ditch side over fender
1 full height 7' tall by 30" width walk-in door into dressing area
Outside non rust lockable safety latches on both walk through doors
24" Tall diamond plate gravel on outside jack sheet wall under GN
1 ½ ' by 5' wide separate tack - saddle racks are optional
2 - 20x51" windows in gooseneck area
6 bridle hooks in dressing/tack area
Aluminum fenders with safety trim around edges
Non-rusting extruded reinforced ramp latches
LED running lights to meet DOT requirements
Fully lined rubber mats on floor in dressing room
30" wide by 7' tall lockable dressing room door
Brake away rechargeable battery with tester
(3) exterior tie rings - one over each fender and (1) on ditch side front horse area
Weight - 5,420 lbs.
8 year structure warranty on main frame.

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