The EquiSpirit Difference

Comfort and Safety is All in the Design
It's simple. If your horse trailer has been designed to make your horse really comfortable while trailering, it will be safer for you and your horse. So, what makes a horse more comfortable? That's easy. It will be roomy and unrestrictive in the head and leg area. It will be well ventilated with good air flow. It will be light and open. It will be inviting to get into. It will be easy to get off. There will be no sharp hooks, catches or latches anywhere in the horse area.

That's why you will find all EquiSpirit models to be walk-thru style trailers, as opposed to the manger style. The openness of the one horse trailer allows your horse to stretch its neck to cough out unwanted hay dust and debris, to eat more naturally, and to feel less claustrophobic. Prevention of shipping fever, colic and dehydration is possible by reducing stress.

Except in special cases, all EquiSpirits have spring-loaded non-slippery ramps along with the full height doors, as opposed to step ups (we call them step-downs) in which the horse always faces the possibility of sliding under the trailer. We've seen this happen and the injuries can be severe, possibly permanent or life-threatening.

Standard EquiSpirit trailers are 7'6" tall and 6' wide with a square roof. This gives a true height across the width (as opposed to a rounded roof). Our standard size will accommodate horses up to 17 hands easily (for bigger horses see XL and XXL options.)

All EquiSpirit trailers have an aerodynamic nose which gives an even more open feel to the head area, and allows the trailer to "track" even better. Please read through the rest of our standard design features to discover the purpose of each item.

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