EquiBreeze “OpenAir”
Two Horse Dressing Room Bumper Pull

Design Features
Two Horse Dressing Room Bumper PullHave you noticed? There are a lot of stock trailers trying to pass for horse trailers that are falling far short. You’ll also notice that those stock trailers are cheap. That’s because they were designed for stock. But the open-side concept provides good air flow that can greatly benefit your horses, especially in hot climates. The EquiBreeze line of trailers is what we call "Open Air" horse trailers because it transcends what has been known as stock combos, giving the open sided horse trailer a whole new meaning.

From concept to finished product, the EquiBreeze was designed to be a comfortable, safe, easy to use horse trailer made with the same dedication to safety that is found in EquiSpirit. "Our goal from the beginning was to take advantage of the openness and good ventilation that are inherent in stock trailers without sacrificing those safety features that keep your horses out of harm’s way," says Tom Scheve, designer.

The most dangerous potential danger of most other stock sided trailers is a horse getting a leg out a side or rear slatted opening. The EquiBreeze line of horse trailers has placed the "OpenAir" slat high enough so that this threat is entirely eliminated.

EquiBreeze 2 Horse Pumper Pull Slat Height
Special Design Features

The two horse Dressing Room Bumper Pull model gives horses over ten feet of stall length with 7’6” height to handle horses up to 17 hands. The head area opens up into the V nose (since there is no dressing room) to give horses up to 5 feet of head room. If your horses are larger than 17 hands, check out the XL and XXL options

Side Walls: Dual walls that are insulated to keep the lower stall cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter with the "OpenAir" ventilation on the top portion of the wall.

"Easy to lift", Low Angle Assist Ramp Behind Two Full Height Rear Doors - Two full height galvanized steel doors with exterior aluminum skin and ramp give ultimate protection for your horse from rear end collisions and protects you, your friends and your family from getting kicked when raising and lowering the ramp. It also insures that your horses can't kick the ramp down when out on the road. Two large 20"x24" sliding safety glass windows with screens are placed in the upper part of the door for ventilation. The interior behind the horses are rubber lined.

Low Angle Assist Ramp Behind Two Full Height Rear Doors

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Butt/Breast Bars: Padded to protect chest and butt so that the horses can use them to help keep their balance. Designed to easily release if a horse gets over it and is straddled.

Padding: Side wall padding, center divider padding, butt/breast bar padding, and rear header padding to protect horses from lacerations and rubbing.

Feed bags: Large square feed bags so your horses can eat naturally as they do in the field. They can also stretch their necks over the top of them and cough out hay or dust that may lodge in their respiratory system.

Interior Tie Rings: 3 per horse that lay flat when not in use - can't catch a horse in the eye or head.

Dividers/Posts: Center divider with shoulder divider keeps horses from trying to turn their necks and heads to look back and get stuck on the center post. Solid head divider to keep horses from seeing each other's hay. Easy to remove post, dividers, and breast bars – especially important if your horse gets in trouble in the trailer and you need to remove it all quickly. Being able to remove all interior dividers also allows you to use the trailer for towing tractors, hay, furniture, etc.

Center divider with shoulder divider

Floor: Pressure treated pine supported by galvanized steel cross members (Gator Shield) every 16 & 24 inches to give floor maximum strength and support with a lifetime warranty. You don't need to be worrying about your horses ever falling through it..

Pressure treated pine flooring

Rubber Lined Floors - the 5/8 inch mats completely cover the wood floor for the comfort of your horse and to keep the urine and manure on the mats instead of the floor. They are easy to remove and clean, and they reduce stress to your horse's legs by absorbing shock.

Door Latches: Large outside safety, lockable door latches in addition to the standard lockable latches on all horse doors to insure horses can't kick them open nor can they pop open when hitting a rough patch in the road.

Door Latches

One Piece Steel Reinforced Fiberglass Roof - whereas most trailer roofs have overlapping material and rivets, all which have to caulked against leaks, the standard EquiSpirit roof is made separately and mounted as one piece. Instead of the tubular steel being attached to the steel cross supports with rivets, the steel is molded right into the Fiberglass giving it strength and eliminating the possibility of leaks.

One Piece Steel Reinforced Fiberglass Roof

Dual Opening Aluminum Roof Vents - for each horse, allows the regulating of air flow in each stall. The vents also provide an escape for hot air that builds up in the trailer.

Rubber Torsion Axles with Self Adjusting Brakes - Rubber torsion axles provide the ideal ride for your horses but not all rubber torsion axles have self-adjusting brakes. All trailer brakes need to be adjusted periodically. EquiSpirit’s trailer brakes automatically continually adjust themselves for optimal braking.

Premium Heavy Duty Special Trailer Radial Tires - EquiSpirit uses a higher rating without a stiffer ride.

Spare Tire with Unique Air-Flow Vinyl Cover - is the same high quality tire that is on the wheels of the trailer. Often the manufacturer provides a lower quality spare tire or none at all. The tire is mounted on the ditch side of the trailer for safe and easy access on a busy road. EquiSpirit's Air-Flow mesh-front allows air to travel through the tire cover preventing it from blowing off and getting wind torn over the years.

Walk-Thru Doors - two 30" width full height walk through doors into the horse head area gives you access to the horses in case of problems, and permits access to the horses in case of problems or to give them hay and waters. Both horse area doors have windows with bars and screens to give horses additional air flow while protecting your horses’ heads from outside road debris and insects.

Double Clear Dome Lights with Switch - a side-by-side double light unit gives extra light for the stall area of the trailer for night time loading or traveling.

Two Heavy-duty Vinyl Feed Bags - are deeper than most, allowing your horses to eat more naturally in the trailer. Unlike hanging rope feedbags, which generate hay and dust that can lodge in a horse's respiratory system, these keep the hay below their heads. They are easily removable and cleanable


Body color is available in white, silver, and pewter at no extra charge. Also available in optional stainless steel.

EquiBreeze TM Graphics - The unique EquiBreeze free-flowing graphic stripe and trim are painted with high quality automotive paint instead of using short-lived decals and it brings attention to the EquiBreeze brand. The graphic and trim color are available in most all automotive colors.

Roof - The very top of the one piece molded fiberglass roof with built in steel structure for strength and roll bar protection is always white to reflect heat.

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