EquiBreeze “OpenAir” Two Horse Non-Dressing Room Bumper Pull Options & Prices

(weight 2,780 lbs.)
All EquiBreeze horse trailers come with standard equipment to keep you safe. Options are available so you can personally add features to fit your specific needs.


Popular Options are listed below. In addition, most options available on EquiSpirit horse trailers are also available on Equibreeze trailers.
EquiBreeze 2H Bumper Pull Non-Dressing Room Base Price
EquiBreeze 2 Horse Bumper Pull Non-Dressing room $14,950
XL 2H BP Non-Dress: 7'8” interior height, 7' stall area, 6' head area, 6' interior width $1,095
XXL 2H BP Non-Dress: 7 '8” interior height, 7 1/2' stall area, 5 1/2' head area, 6'8” interior width $1,895
Additional width only $750
Additional height only : 2H BP Dress: 7'8” replaces 7'6” $175
Extra footage in horse area per foot $515
Extra footage in dress area per foot $515
Removable Plexiglas strips to enclose open slats on the sides (includes factory installed window track) $585
Factory installed window track on both sides for future Plexiglas installation $288
Removable Plexiglas strips to enclose open slats on optional upper storm doors over ramp (includes factory installed window track). $250
Factory installed window track on storm doors for future Plexiglas installation $150
Extra Dome Light - additional to standard $55
LED dome light to replace standard dome light $45
Full Width Butt Bar - to use when taking out the center divider $185
Rumber Floor - to replace standard wood floor and mats. Priced per foot. (Not recommended. Learn why.) Call for price
Spare tire cover with logo $49
Interior tie rings – additional $35
Bridle hooks – additional – set of 6 $60
Cargo Brackets - set of 3 $145
Adjustable butt/breast bar brackets (varies height for horses of different sizes) $115 per stall
Side unload ramp w/ upper storm door w/ window (additional footage is required) $1,900
Full Height Rear Doors with Slatted Top and Standard Ramp Over Doors $960
Awning $1,450
Extra saddle racks $99
Full running boards $25 per ft
36" Running board step under dress door $125
LED Load light with exterior remote switch $150
Standard load light with remote switch $100
Tubular head divider to replace solid $125
6ft Ladder and roof rack $795
Dual Scoop Roof Vent $125
Exterior Tie Rings $35
Fan - 12 volt, 2 speed with swivel base and remote switch, priced each. $140

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