The Continual Improving EquiSpirit Trailer!

It has always been our intention for EquiSpirit to continue to evolve so our design is the safest, and the construction is the best.  When we see that something can be improved, we feel it’s important to make those changes.  For years, EquiSpirit was an “indirect manufacturer”.  In other words, we contracted with a trailer manufacturer to build the EquiSpirit trailer according to our own design specifications, which, in the beginning, were very different from how trailers were being built at the time.

Over the last 30 years, we were the first to:

  • Offer a safer trailer specifically for warmbloods and other large horses.
  • Use our own experience and research to offer design features that greatly enhanced the health, safety, and well-being of the horse and handler.
  • Add optional extra height and width.
  • Offer the combination of no rear center post, windows in the bulkhead wall, full doors with ramp over, quick release butt and breast bars, and completely removable interior dividers.
Since our beginning in 1988 we have been continually making improvements and adding additional safety features.

There is no other horse trailer built quite like EquiSpirit. The dual wall construction with inner galvanized walls and outer aluminum skin provides a way to fully insulate each EquiSpirit with 1” Styrofoam sheets. The result is a more controlled internal stall environment with the toughness to better protect your horses in an accident.

EquiSpirit Construction

  • One piece, steel reinforced, fiberglass roof with no overlapping material to eliminate leaks yet have the strength to hold up if ever flipped.
  • SafeKick ® interior liner
  • Lifetime warranty pressure treated pine floors with 16” and 24” on center steel cross brackets for ultimate support and safety.
  • Dual walls with inner galvanized steel wall for strength and protection for your horses and an outer aluminum skin to take the weather and for “looks.” One inch Styrofoam is inserted between the walls throughout the trailer.
  • All dividers and center posts are easily and quickly with the use of pins in the hinges.
  • Galvanized, galvaneal, and power coated steel is used to completely limit the worry about rust.
  • Rubber torsion suspension for a smooth ride and Self Adjusting Brakes
  • Fiberglass fenders that are both durable, light, and very easy to replace
  • Rear ramp safety chain
  • Rear full height doors with ramp over the doors for optimum protection for your horses from rear end collision and to secure horses from kicking when raising and lowering the ramp.
  • Adjustable coupler so that you can raise and lower the trailer to match the height of your tow vehicle.
  • Lifetime warranty plywood in ramp
  • 2 inch foam in sidewall pads
  • Lifetime warranty on plywood floor in dressing room
  • Nine safety glass windows in horse area with bars and screens for maximum light and ventilation control
  • Automotive paint, available in most all automotive colors for graphics and trim colors.
  • Galvanized tubular steel framing in side walls to form the protective cage-like structure
  • Full running boards for easy entrance to the horse area and tack room.
  • Lifetime warranty pressure treated wood floor.
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