From Horse Trailer to Finished Living Quarters

Why we are different, why it's important, and what you should know about horse trailer living quarters

A horse trailer doesn't always make a good living quarters trailer, and a living quarters trailer doesn't always make a good horse trailer.

It makes no sense to have a renowned New York designer install a new room in the shed in your back yard. Likewise, you don't want a conversion company installing a living quarters in a poor quality horse trailer. Flexing can cause things to separate. Poor quality can result in leaks. A thin walled trailer with no insulation will never hold in the heat and air conditioning.
EquiSpirit horse trailers are built specifically for your horse's riding safety and comfort in a stress free environment. The standard insulated walls and roof are responsible for a cooler, warmer (in winter), and quieter environment.(see safety video) But, as an added bonus, the insulated dual wall construction and the insulated dual wall roof (see construction video) also make the perfect shell for installing living quarters. When we add extra insulation for the living quarters, there is no fear of leaking, sweating, or having the cool or warm air constantly escaping through the roof and side walls.

Most all other horse trailer living quarters are installed by independent conversion companies, not the horse trailer manufacturer.

Most all other living quarters are done by independent conversion companies, which work with all the horse trailer manufacturers, so they have to work within the differences of each individual horse trailer brand. These conversion companies are not always in close proximity to the factory where the trailer is built. If there is a problem with sizes or dimensions, the trailer needs to be shipped back to the factory. This gets costly. It also means that if you have a problem down the road, you will be dealing with the conversion company for LQ warranty, the dealer for service, and the manufacturer for horse trailer warranty and service. That's not fun. This is all eliminated by EquiSpirit Trailer Company because all our living quarters are done in house, under one roof. From the very beginning, the trailer is built with the finished living quarters in mind.

The dealer is often a middle man, controlling your contact with the manufacturer or conversion company.

If you order a horse trailer with living quarters from a dealer, the dealer orders the trailer from the manufacturer, and the LQ from the conversion company. It's a lot of fingers in the pie and a breeding ground for mistakes. If you have visited many horse trailer dealers, you know that many are not designers, manufacturers, or not always well educated on living quarter construction. Many don't even have a full service dealership. Often, their goal is to get the best price. They do this by shopping a number of companies that will install the LQ for them and choose the cheapest.

Warranties on the living quarters are through the conversion company.

Warranties on the horse trailer are through the horse trailer manufacturer, and if you purchased from a horse trailer dealer, the warranties must go through the dealer.

EquiSpirit builds the entire horse trailer and installs the entire living quarters in house under one roof. For all your warranty and service needs, you are dealing directly with one company.

Not all living quarter installations conform to RVIA codes, which insure that the wiring, gas tanks, etc. are installed safely.

There's no building inspector to approve the installation of your "small house" inside your horse trailer. So you need to trust that the people who build the living quarters in your horse trailer know what they are doing. You don't need a bunch of wiring running across a gas line, or someone cutting into the frame of your trailer to make room for the living quarters. EquiSpirit operates under RVIA standards and codes.

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