SoleMate One Horse Trailers

2 Minus 1 Horse Bumper Pull Trailer with Tack Area & Dressing Room

(weight 2,780 lbs.)

One Horse Bumper Pull Trailer EquiSpirit's innovated 2 Minus 1 horse trailer design are for those who wish to carry only one horse along with tack in a horse trailer that looks and acts like a horse trailer. (Learn about the Benefits of a One Horse Trailer)

The Horse'n Tack is designed to be short rather than narrow such as were the old cigar shaped one horse trailers of the past. This gives you the stability and lighter weight of a standard two horse non-dressing room horse trailer that has plenty of room for one good sized horse and an accessible tack room to store necessities.

One Horse SoleMate View from backFully loaded with all the EquiSpirit standard features, the Horse'n Tack also gives you easy load/unload capability with full height doors and ramp and lots of large screened windows for ventilation.

Being able to carry only your one horse and your equipment allows you to have a smaller tow vehicle, allowing you to be greener with gas and vehicles. With an empty weight of only 2,780 lbs., adding only one horse and some tack keeps you less than 4,500 lbs. fully loaded. At only 13½ feet in total length, this one horse trailer model gives your horse more than half the width of the trailer and over 10 feet of total stall length.


SoleMate Trailer Priced at $25,000

The standard model is 7'6" tall, 6'8" wide, and has an overall stall area length of 12'. The total length of this trailer is 14'10", and it weighs 2,780 lbs. This model will easily fit horses up to 16.3 hands.

XL Extra Large Option - add $1,395

Adds 2" to the interior height (7'8" tall) and 1 foot length to horse area for an overall stall length of 13 feet – 7'6" from rear door to chest bar and 5'6" from chest bar to wedge nose. The total length is 15'10".The additional size adds approx. 250 lbs (3,030 lbs.). The XL option will carry horses up to 18 hands.

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The EquiSpirit Horse Trailers have more standard safety features than any other horse trailer in its class.

Here are just a few of EquiSpirit's standard safety features:

  • "Easy to Lift" Ramp Behind Two Full Height Rear Doors -Two full height galvanized steel doors with exterior aluminum skin and ramp give ultimate protection for your horse from rear end collisions and protects you, your friends and your family from getting kicked when raising and lowering the ramp. It also ensures that your horses can’t kick the ramp down when out on the road. Two large 20”x24” sliding safety glass windows with screens are placed in the upper part of the door for ventilation. The interior behind the horses are rubber lined.
  • Rubber Torsion Axles with Self Adjusting Brakes – Rubber torsion axles provide the ideal ride for your horses but not all rubber torsion axles have self-adjusting brakes. All trailer brakes need to be adjusted periodically. EquiSpirit’s trailer brakes automatically continually adjust themselves for optimal braking.
  • Premium Heavy Duty Special Trailer Radial Tires - EquiSpirit uses a higher rating without a stiffer ride.
  • Six Turn Signal/Brake Lights -When you click on your turn signals, everyone around you will know. Six LED turn signals are placed on the rear with two large turn signals on the side fenders that you view from your tow vehicle.
  • Premium Heavy Duty Special Trailer Radial Tires - EquiSpirit uses a higher rating without a stiffer ride.
  • Extra Running Lights - A trailer should light up at night. We add extra running lights along the roof line and protect them with chrome light guards to give more outside visibility to your trailer than DOT (Department of Transportation) requires.
  • Exterior Safety Latches - A small handle latch is not enough to secure a horse door from being kicked or popping open. Exterior safety butterfly latches assure that this won’t happen.
  • Interior Door Latch Guards - to keep the door latches from being tampered with by curious horses while trailering.
  • Quick Release Butt/Bars -It’s always a possibility that a horse could end up over a breast bar. EquiSpirit quick release latches can be released under the weight of a straddled horse.
  • Dual Insulated Walls and Roof - to better control in interior temperature and environment inside the trailer for your horses and for Living Quarter units.
  • And Much More (See all standard specifications)

Color and Trim

  • Exterior Aluminum Skin Side Walls - The baked-on enamel aluminum side walls (body) are standard white to best reflect heat.  Optional colors are silver or pewter. Stainless steel is available at an extra charge. 
  • EquiSpirit™ Graphics - The unique EquiSpirit graphic stripe signifies the EquiSpirit brand. The graphic and trim color are painted and is available in most all automotive colors.
  • Roof - the very top of the dual insulated roof is has a pre-painted baked-on white enamel finish to reflect heat.

What Our Customers Like Most About the SoleMate Trailer Model

  • It's the width of a two horse trailer but the short length of a two horse non-dressing horse trailer that provides plenty of space for one horse and your saddles and tack.
  • The shorter length , and the absence of weight from that 2nd horse reduces the total loaded weight to under 4,500 lbs., opening it up to a larger selection of smaller tow vehicles.
  • For those who find hauling another's horse un-nerving or just an inconvenience, it provides a great excuse not to.
Popular EquiSpirit Options for this model
  • Length (see options) - An extra foot is often ordered in the nose to provide a bit more space for tack.
  • 48" Side Unload Ramp - Provides an easy exit for your horse if they have problems backing out the rear. The ramp can also be used to load larger tack trunks, fold up bikes, saddles, etc. more easily into the tack area. See more options.
  • Partial LQ – Dinette, closet space, and counter space fit well without having to add much length.
One Horse Bumper Pull Trailer
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