2 Horse Bumper Pull Trailer w/ Dressing Room and Side Ramp

(Trailer Weight 3,700 lbs.)
2 horse bumper pull trailerThe EquiSpirit 2 Horse Dressing Room with Side Ramp provides the space to comfortably carry 2 horses and plenty of tack. But it has the added safety benefit of a side unload/escape for spirited horses, older horses, and injured horses, plus an escape for your horses in case of a rear end collision. The tack/dressing area, which comes equipped with saddle racks and bridle hooks, is uniquely designed to give plenty of room for tack while keeping the trailer at a very manageable length.

With and ideal total length of 19' 4" from hitch to bumper, this 2 horse trailer model has just the right balance/tongue weight to be easily pulled with many larger SUV's. By adding the XL or XXL options it will easily fit horses up to 18 hands plus.

EquiSpirit's standard safety features have always exceeded other horse trailers. Now, with the introduction of new construction improvements, even more standard safety features have been added. We, at EquiSpirit, believe that if you feel good about your horses in our trailer, your comfort level will increase, and your horse trailering days will be a lot more fun.

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2H Bumper Pull with Dressing Room & Side Ramp Trailer Prices
EquiSpirit 2 Horse Bumper Pull with Dressing Room and Side Ramp The standard model is 7'6" tall, 6' wide, and has an overall stall length of 10'6" on the roadside and the ditch side stall is 13'. The total length of this trailer is 19'4", and it weighs 3,700 lbs. This model will easily fit horses up to 16.3 hands. $31,700
XL Extra Large Option
Adds 2" to the interior height (7'8" tall) and 1/2 foot length to horse stall area (7'6"’) for an overall stall length of 11' on the roadside and the ditch side stall is 13' 3". The total length is 19'10". The increased size adds approx. 250 lbs. The XL option will carry horses up to 17.2 hands.

Suggestion: This option increases the overall size of the trailer for larger horses without increasing the axle width if you have narrow driveways and road.
XXL Double Extra Large Option
Adds 2" to interior height (7'8" tall), adds 6" to the horse stall area (7'6") for an overall stall length of 11’, and 13' 9" to the ditch side stall. This adds approximately 8" to the width (6'8"), making the outside trailer width (axle width) 8.5' instead of the standard 8'. The total length is 19'10". The additional size adds 450 lbs. The XXL option will carry horses up to 18+ hands.

Suggestion: The specific design of the stall length, 7'6" stall, 3'6" head area, combined with the extra height and width allows you to trailer horses that have more bulk, such as warmbloods or drafts.

EquiSpirit 2 horse bumper pull trailer have more standard safety features than any other horse trailer in its class.

Here are just a few of EquiSpirit's standard safety features.

  • "Easy to lift" Ramp Behind Two Full Height Rear Doors- to solidly secure horses while traveling and putting the ramp down. Full Doors with 20 x 24 windows and ramp over.
  • Rubber Torsion Axles with Self Adjusting Brakes – Rubber torsion axles provide the ideal ride for your horses but not all rubber torsion axles have self-adjusting brakes. All trailer brakes need to be adjusted periodically. EquiSpirit’s trailer brakes automatically continually adjust themselves for optimal braking.
  • Eight Turn Signal Brake Lights - When you click on your turn signals, everyone around you will know. Six LED turn signals are placed on the rear with two large turn signals on the side fenders that you view from your tow vehicle.
  • Upgraded Goodyear Endurance Radial Tires - The only trailer radial made in the United States. The ST22575R15 tires are rated to hold 2,830 pounds each for a total weight rating under your trailer of 11,320 pounds. These tires have a speed rating of 87 mph whereas most all other trailer tires are rated at 65 mph.
  • Extra Running Lights - A trailer should light up at night. We add extra running lights along the roof line and protect them with chrome light guards to give more outside visibility to your trailer than DOT (Department of Transportation) requires.
  • Exterior Safety Latches - A small handle latch is not enough to secure a horse door from being kicked or popping open. Exterior safety butterfly latches assure that this won’t happen.
  • Quick Release Butt/Breast Bars - It’s always a possibility that a horse could end up over a breast bar. EquiSpirit quick release latches can be released under the weight of a straddled horse.
  • And Much More! (See 2 Horse Trailer w/ Dressing Room and Side Unload Ramp Standard Specifications).

Color and trim

  • Exterior Aluminum Skin Side Walls - The baked-on enamel aluminum side walls (body) are standard white to best reflect heat. Optional colors: silver, pewter or stainless steel are available at no extra charge.
  • EquiSpirit™ Graphics - The unique EquiSpirit graphic stripe signifies the EquiSpirit brand. The graphic and trim color are painted and is available in any automotive colors.
  • Roof - the very top of the one piece molded fiberglass roof with built in steel roll cage has a pre-painted baked-on white enamel finish to reflect heat.
What EquiSpirit customers like about this 2 horse bumper pull SIDE UNOAD trailer model.
  • Storage - The ability to store and carry tack in a well-balanced, easy-to-handle tag-along horse trailer is extremely appealing to all riding disciplines.
  • Side RampScreen – gives you a second exit for you horses and an easier way to load tack using the ramp. 
  • The tag-along allows you to hook up to SUV's and a greater variety of "not-so-big" pick-up trucks (chances are, in an emergency, there are more vehicles available to hook up to a tag-along than to a gooseneck).
  • At only 19'6" total length, it takes up less parking space than the alternative 2 horse gooseneck (and can be just as safe), yet carries the same size horses with the same size tack space (except for the GN area). See Gooseneck vs.Tag-along.
Popular EquiSpirit 2 Horse Trailer Options
(See Options Page for full list).
  • Tack/Trunk Seat in Wedge Nose - provides a comfortable seat in dressing room that also provides full width storage underneath. Some customers have traded in their older EquiSpirit's just to get this feature.
  • XL, XXL, and XXLT Draft Sizes – applies optional sizes to the standard EquiSpirit to fit different size horses.
  • Adjustable Butt/Breast Bars - allows you to adjust the height of one or both of the butt & breast bars to safely accommodate different size horses in the same trailer.

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