The SafeLoad™Three Horse Trailer

"Leading the way in horse trailer safety"
Designed and created by Tom and Neva Scheve
The Safe 3 Horse Trailer

Transporting three horses as opposed to two, jumps you into a whole new level of hauling. Besides bringing live (shifting) weight and the unpredictability of another horse into your trailer, you're adding a third more horse and trailer weight. These factors are going to increase the odds of having an unwanted incident. To offset those odds, choosing the right truck and trailer are vital.

Until now, the safety-hindered three horse slant load trailer has been one of the only choices available. If you have had experience using a slant load, you probably already know that...

  • Larger horses don't fit in the stalls - horses over 15.3 hands become severely cramped in most slant stalls, which are usually only 36 to 41 inches wide. You've probably noticed that their butts and heads are right up against the side walls. Horses need to stretch their necks, and cough out unwanted hay and dust from their respiratory system to prevent such sickness as shipping fever.
  • No access to each horse - trying to get to the front, or middle horse (especially if there's a problem) is not possible without unloading the rear horse(s). This can be extremely hazardous, especially if you are on a major road, or are alone.
  • Horses struggle to balance - as you continually stop and start, horses have to brace themselves using their front forward leg and their rear hind leg. With horses to the right and left of them, it would be a major incident if one were to fall down.
  • The alternative (until now) - has been to "move up" to a 4-horse centerload - an easy to use, wonderfully safe trailer. But the extra weight and length (35') makes it a real inconvenience if you're only hauling two to three horses.

The EquiSpirit SafeLoad™ 3 has not only solved all the safety issues that are inherent in the three horse slant load trailers, but has also solved the size/weight problem - at only 21 feet in the box, it's only 4 feet longer behind a tow vehicle than our 2H dressing room tag-along.

Additional Problem Solving Features

  • The two rear stalls are over ten feet long as opposed to the actual 8' stall length in slant stall trailers (don't be fooled by diagonal measurements as being stall length). Our three horse SafeLoad's rear stalls will easily and safely accommodate horses over 18 hands. The size of these rear stalls allows each horse to balance and eat comfortably, and creates a non-claustrophobic environment whereas horses have the room to stretch their necks and cough out any unwanted hay or dust that might get lodged in their respiratory system.
  • The SafeLoad's third (diagonal) stall is wide enough (51") to allow a horse to stand more front-to-back, providing a non-claustrophobic space for a horse reaching 17 hands.
  • Living up to our strict requirements as to what a safe trailer should be, the EquiSpirit SafeLoad 3 provides safe and easy loading with an entrance and exit route for each individual horse. The two in the rear can enter and back out individually. The one in the front can walk out the easy to lift side unload ramp. In addition, the horses in the rear stalls can walk out the front side unload ramp if needed.
  • Since starting and stopping is both prevalent and unavoidable on today's roads, horses need to have the room and position to balance without getting stressed. The rear horses can use both front and rear legs for bracing and the front horse has its own separate space in the extra wide diagonal stall, or in the optional converted box stall. (See Options Page)
Loaded With Safety Features
As you review our specs, notice the many additional standard safety features inherent in this trailer - features such as: a total of six turn signal break lights, interior ties that lay flat when not in use, completely padded and rubber-lined stall areas, an escape door and 30" entrance door for easy access to the horses, outside load lights over rear and side ramps, running boards for easy people step in, three double interior lights in horse area and two in dressing area. See specs for all the rest of our standard features.

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