The SafeLoad™ Three Horse Trailer Superior Construction Composite Built

"Leading The Way In Horse Trailer Safety"

3 Horse trailer in FactoryEquiSpirit horse trailers are Composite Built - using a mixture of today’s technologically advanced materials to build a horse trailer that will not only hold up to the stress of the largest horse that will be hauled in it, but will be durable and dependable for years to come.

EquiSpirit's Galvanized steel tubular framing, dividers, butt bars, inner walls, and Galvanized insulated inner steel roof give your horses a chance to survive both a major or minor accident. Where it counts the most, a horse trailer needs to be tough and durable in the frame and floor (takes most of the pounding and stress), sidewalls, and roof areas so that your horses have a chance to survive a major accident. But a horse trailer's interior dividers and butt/breast bars also need to be tough enough to not break so that a minor accident won't result in cuts and bruises. (See recent safety and design updates to EquiSpirit Horse Trailers!)

A three horse trailer does not need to be over built (and be too heavy) which is why aluminum works well when used as outer skin and fenders. By using these lighter, rustproof materials in non-structural applications the weight can be kept down and strength is not compromised.

Please look over the following standard construction features and the description of their usefulness.

Galvanized Steel FrameGalvanized Steel Frame (non-rust) is used for strength. All EquiSpirit horse trailers use Galvanized steel in the structure of the trailer for strength, safety, and durability. The high quality Galvanized steel that EquiSpirit uses is coated on both sides to completely eliminate rust. Pound for pound, a steel frame is much stronger than an aluminum frame. EquiSpirit's floors are supported by Galvanized steel cross angle brackets, on 16" centers throughout the horse stall area. (Click here to learn more about steel and aluminum constructed horse trailers .)

Aluminum Skin is used for the exterior skin of all EquiSpirit horse trailers. It has a baked-on enamel finish that comes in a choice of white or silver. "Baked-on" means that the paint is baked right into the aluminum at the mill. This prevents any peeling, makes it easy to maintain, and it keeps its luster much longer.

Pressure-treated Pine Floor is lifetime warranted #1 grade which means it is the highest quality. Pine does not curl like some other woods (such as oak) and is treated under pressure with preservatives putting the protection deep into the wood. Wood floors are also softer (reduces stress) and quieter than floors made of "all aluminum." Wood floors also keep the trailer cooler than aluminum floors because aluminum can conduct heat from the road into the trailer (aluminum makes good cookware) and wood floors provide better ventilation. Aluminum floors can also deteriorate fairly quickly from the Alkaline in the urine and manure if not washed down with soap and water.

Self Adjusting Brakes keeps your horse trailer brakes always working to their maximum capability without having to take it to a shop for servicing.

Horse Trailer Radial Tires provide a much softer ride and last 30% longer, than bias tires. Most all EquiSpirit horse tires have a higher weight rating than similar models in other brands.

One Piece Molded, “No Leak”  Fiberglass Roof — along with the insulated sides and rear doors, the fiberglass roof provides insulation to help maintain optimum climate control for your horses. The unique bonded material is pre-manufactured.  The one-piece fiberglass roof encompasses a steel roll cage as well as preventing any leaking because there is no overlapping of materials or screws used.

Break-away Brake is a legal must on all horse trailers for emergency stopping if the trailer ever comes loose. Unlike most trailers, EquiSpirit places the battery under the gooseneck and inside tag-a-long trailers to keep it out of the weather, giving it a longer life. A battery tester is included.

Enclosed Jack with Sandfoot on the tag-along models keeps the grease in the jack and not on your clothes. The sandfoot helps keep the horse trailer from rolling away, and also makes it easier to jack the trailer on and off on soft ground.

Vacuum Exterior Turn Signal/Brake Lights last much longer because they are moisture proof. Unlike, standard size lights, all EquiSpirit horse trailer models use tall, visible light strips. There are four total on the rear of the trailer and one on each fender.

Sealed Beam Exterior Roof Rear Marker Lights (unlike other trailers which place their rear marker lights on the roof) are across the top back of the trailer so they can be seen from greater distances by those in back of you.

7 Pin Bargman Plug is the standard heavy-duty rubber plug used throughout the horse trailer and RV industry. It can be replaced with a six prong plug at no charge. We suggest you choose the most commonly used plug in your area in case you need a tow from a friend's truck.

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